Dyes and Chemicals for fashion


To develop, transform and commercialize chemical products and colorants for different sectors of the industry, through a committed and qualified work team, inspired by a culture of service, quality, safety and innovation, seeking to satisfy the needs of our clients.


We want to consolidate and grow our leadership in the Colombian textile industry and gain participation in markets of other industrial sectors, both national and international, that allow us to generate value for the company, benefiting the quality of life of partners and employees.


RESPONSIBILITY: We fulfill our promise of offering value, service, product quality and support. We focus on carrying out the strategic planning of the company, achieving the objectives, goals and indicators through efficient work in all areas. We are committed to being responsible in delivering the best possible product, complying with international standards of quality, environmental management, health and safety.

RESPECT: We promote with our collaborators good treatment, the best standards of behavior and interpersonal relationships, reflecting in our daily work, companionship and acceptance of the differences between collaborators and clients. Respect for our client is reflected in our work environment, in service and especially in our product.

HONESTY: Our behaviors are governed by ethics and rectitude in our commitments, based on compliance with the laws of each country where we operate, generating progress, a better quality of life for our employees, partners and the society where we interact.

PASSION: The love for our work and the sense of belonging to our family RECOLQUIM S.A. It is the engine of our daily work, transmitted to our clients through our products and services.

CONSISTENCY: Our actions, commitments and words are bound by the same common thread, we follow our strategic direction focused on meeting the expectations of our customers, partners and employees.

Quality policy

For us, Recolquim S.A. supply logistics, punctuality and technical advice are our responsibility in terms of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. We are committed to the Quality Management System, backed by a competent human group, always focused on the continuous improvement of the organization.